LED Industry analysis

      1.LED interior lighting

       Including LED lamp, LED lighting, table lamps, LED lamp, LED chandelier, LED ceiling lamp, LED ceiling light, downlight, LED light bulbs. Is expected in the coming years, a large number of small-enterprise to enter the field of LED interior lighting, its reasons: the technical threshold relative to the lower requirements in terms of commercial lighting, small capital investment, larger market; reimbursement and benefits of quick results . Due to the current high cost of LED lights, the public is not easy to accept, with the LED core technologies mature and widely used, the cost of LED lights will drop substantially, the increase in the demand of indoor lighting will boost the rapid development of LED lights.

       2.LED street light

       Road lighting and the people's production and life are closely related, with the accelerated process of urbanization in China, green, efficient, long-life LED lights gradually into people's vision. Currently, LED lighting technology is maturing, high-power LED light source efficacy has reached the 120-150lm / W, city street lighting energy saving becomes possible.

       3.LED landscape lights

      Currently, LED lighting landscape lighting market as the largest market share of about 43%. It's a new round of rapid growth will drive the rapid development of LED lighting industry as a whole. The industry believes that, although China's LED lighting industry still in its infancy, but it is the outstanding performance of the various applications, allows investors to continuously strengthen the awareness and confidence in the use of this emerging industry, China's LED lighting industry will be in 3 to 5 by leaps and bounds during the year, to subvert the original pattern of China's lighting industry.

       4.LED backlight

       LED backlight mainly used in mobile phone as the representative of the Small electronics products listed first color and uniformity which had been lacking, coupled with the high prices in the market did not achieve decent results . With the LED light source technology continues to progress, the LED into display product value is even more obvious, more and more manufacturers have joined the ranks of developing LED-backlit display, continues to introduce new launch its own LED backlight products.

       5.LED automotive lighting

       Traditionally, incandescent bulbs used by many car. However, with the continuous improvement of lighting available space shrinking and illumination light source life requirements provided by the LED light color and design are rapidly replacing incandescent bulbs applications, LED lighting has been called the fourth generation auto light source . Currently, LED has been used in automotive interior lighting such as instrument panels, reading lights, external application or taillights, brake lights, turn signals, headlights.

       6.LED display

       LED display is divided into indoor display, outdoor display by use of the environment; divided into monochrome, color by color and full color display. LED full color display RGB three-color LED with 256 gray levels per color, can display colors, colorful, lifelike images. LED full color display can not only display the various colors of text, graphics, and can display images, 2D/3D computer animation, in particular, can display high-definition, colorful video dynamic image. By virtue of the advantages of full color LED display is widely used in stadiums, Plaza Mayor, concerts, stations, airports and other places.

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