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October 27, 2023

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The term SMD is used in the LEDs along with four-digit numbers to indicate the size of the LED chips. Thus, SMD 2835, SMD3528, and SMD5050 show different LED sizes. However, all these numbers have specific features that you will know in the below portion of the article.

What is SMD2835?

SMD2835 means the width of the LED is 2.8 mm, and its length is 3.5mm. These LEDs have an identical appearance to the SMD 3285 chips. The latest technology in 2835 makes it significantly more reliable and steady. These LEDs are more energy efficient and brighter in comparison to SMD 3285. For LED strips, SMD 2835 is a trendy size. Additionally, it includes high-output LEDs with a long life.

What is SMD3528?

Surface Mounted Devices, like the SMD 3528, are considerably smaller. It is 3.5mm wide and 2.8mm in length. These LEDs include one diode in each LED. Due to the smaller size of these chips, you can add more of these chips per foot of the PCB. These chips are usually used in LED strips of 60 LEDs/meter. However, smd3528 are available in 60LEDs, 120LEDs, 180LEDs, and 240LEDs per meter. Besides, we have customization options also!

What is SMD5050?

When discussing the SMD5050, they are as popular as the SMD 3528. SMD 5050 is 5.0mm x 5.0mm in size. This refers to a tri-chip, a three-diode in one LED. And so an SMD5050 LED produces three times more light than a one-diode SMD3528 chip. And because of this, it is essentially used as “task lighting.” These types of lighting are employed in areas where you are working— a kitchen and a study room.

These chips are suitable for SMD5050. With the three-in-one chip of SMD5050, you can make millions of hues in RGB lighting. Besides, SMD 5050 is ideal for general lighting, such as replacing bright fluorescent lighting in homes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions.

What Is The Difference Between 2835, 5050 And 3528 LED Strips?

If you’re shopping for LED strip lights, you’ll probably notice that they often have a four-digit number on the box or listed in the product detail.

It’s likely to either be 2835, 3528, or 5050 (although there are other options too). What does that code mean, and what are the differences between them?

The four digits refer to the size of the LED chips in millimeters. The larger the chip, the larger the diode and brighter the light – but other factors, including density, are just as important to how bright the strip is overall.

2835 vs 5050 vs 3528: What Are The Four Digit Numbers On The Strip?

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The four digits on a light strip refer to the size of the LED chips being used, measured in millimeters. The first two digits are the width of the chip, and the second is the height.

So, a 3528 strip has chips that are 3.5mm wide and 2.8mm tall, while a 5050 strip has chip dimension that is 5mm wide (5.0) and 5mm tall.

That means that 3528 and 2835 light strips have chips of the same size but in a different orientation.

the advantages of the 2835 SMD LED Chip?


The 2835 conducts the heat of the chip directly to the aluminum substrate by punching holes in the lamp bead bracket and installing a thermal conductive sheet. In order to distinguish it from the heat dissipation method of 3528, its heat dissipation method is also called "thermoelectric separation". This means that heat and current are not conducted through the same wire. The advantage of the 0.2W 2835LED is that it has low heat generation and comes with a heat sink, which is not hotter than a 1 power LED (the heat consumption is large, and a large-area aluminum heat sink must be used, and it is also hot!), no need to focus on heat dissipation.

the advantages of the 3528 SMD LED Chip?

Compact Size: SMD 3528 LEDs are small in size, measuring 3.5mm x 2.8mm. This compact form factor allows for high-density placement on circuit boards, making them ideal for applications where space is limited.


Energy Efficiency: SMD 3528 LEDs are highly energy-efficient. They can produce a significant amount of light output (lumens) while consuming minimal power. This efficiency makes them an excellent choice for applications that require long operating hours or where energy conservation is important.


Cost-Effective: Due to their widespread use and high production volumes, SMD 3528 LED chips are generally more affordable compared to some other LED types. This cost-effectiveness makes them a popular choice for budget-conscious lighting projects.


Wide Color Range: SMD 3528 LEDs are available in a wide range of colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, white, and various shades in between. This versatility makes them suitable for different lighting requirements, such as decorative lighting, signage, and accent lighting.


Low Heat Generation: SMD 3528 LEDs are designed to be efficient at converting electrical energy into light, resulting in minimal heat generation. This characteristic makes them suitable for applications where heat dissipation is a concern, as it reduces the risk of damage to the LED and surrounding components.


Advantages of SMD 5050 LED Strip

There’s one particular reason you may prefer a 5050 light strip – if you want one with customizable lighting colors.

RGB options are some of the more popular LED light strips, because people enjoy being able to change color to suit the mood.

If you want that, then you’ll be buying a 5050 LED strip, as that’s the size needed to host the three diodes – red, green, and blue.

It’s worth considering whether you really need an RGB strip, though – while they can create up to 16 million colors, the one that they struggle with is white.

A strip that’s dedicated to white will be able to produce a better quality of white light, instead of the combination of the red, green, and blue diodes in an RGB strip. It’s a better choice for anywhere you need task lighting, since it’ll be a brighter color that helps keep you focused.

You’ve more flexibility for accent lighting, since light intensity isn’t as important – you can choose from all the LED strip options.


Final Words

While the most obvious difference between 2835, 3528, and 5050 LED light strips is the size of the chip, it actually has a big impact on brightness, power efficiency, and how many LEDs can fit into a strip.