How to choose the color temperature of LED lights?

November 29, 2023

Latest company news about How to choose the color temperature of LED lights?

How to choose the color temperature of LED lights?


Whenever you buy a lamp, you are often faced with the choice of color temperature, but do you really know how to choose? While lighting layout is good, it is also necessary to match the appropriate color temperature to better present comfortable and natural lighting. The use of reasonable color temperature can enhance the overall atmosphere and style of the home space, which is equivalent to improving the quality of the home at a low cost.


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1. What is color temperature?

Color temperature, in layman's terms, is how people's eyes feel when they see a light source. The color of light is yellow or white, cold or warm. People have different needs for color temperature at different times. The lower the color temperature value, the warmer the light color. The higher the color temperature value, the cooler the light color. Different color temperatures create completely different atmospheres.


Color temperature selection


1. Recommended color temperature:

In home lighting design, it is generally recommended to use a color temperature of 3500K-4000K. The color temperature of 3500K is generally warmer, looks warm, lazy and relaxed, and gives people a warm feeling. It allows people to relax completely after a busy day and relieves them of the fatigue of the day. The warm white light of about 4000K makes people happy and comfortable, and can be used in study rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


2.Different spaces in the home also need to choose different lighting according to different usage scenarios. For example, if you turn on high color temperature lights in the bedroom before going to bed, it will affect your sleep. At this time, if it is light with a color temperature of about 3000-3500k, it will be very good for sleep. But sometimes we need to think about things in the room. At this time, lights with a higher color temperature are beneficial. Therefore, in places such as living rooms and bedrooms where the usage scenarios are more varied, it is best to choose LED lamps with adjustable color temperature. If LED lamps with a color temperature above 5000K are used in the bedroom, the excess blue light in the lamps will inhibit the release of melatonin by the human brain, making people in the same high-energy state before going to bed as in the office, making it more difficult to fall asleep, reducing sleep quality, and affecting Physical and mental health.


3.4000-5000K is generally chosen for office spaces because it is closer to natural light, giving people a bright feeling, allowing people to concentrate and get into working mode more quickly, thus improving work efficiency.




1. When choosing color temperature, you need to consider psychological and aesthetic issues, but it depends more on factors such as illumination, the color of indoor surfaces and furniture, climate environment, and application site conditions. Generally, warm color temperatures should be used in low illumination places, intermediate color temperatures should be used in medium illumination places, and cool color temperatures should be used in high illumination places. In addition, cool color temperatures are preferred in warm climate conditions, warm color temperatures are preferred in cold conditions, and intermediate color temperatures are generally used. Illumination color temperature ratio: If we use warm light at home, we cannot make the brightness too high. If the brightness of the warm light is too high, we will feel a sense of heat and burning, and the warmth will disappear.


2. Color temperature mixing We cannot use two color temperatures in the same space at home. When there are two color temperatures in the same space, our eyes will be extremely sensitive, which will make you feel that warm light is very yellow and white light is very yellow. white. The consistency throughout the space will be very poor. On the contrary, when the color temperature is consistent, we will lose the sense of discrimination of color temperature. No matter what light we use, we will feel comfortable and high-end.


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1. It is recommended to use 3500K-4000K color temperature for home decoration, 4000-5000K for offices, and bars and Chinese restaurants that emphasize the atmosphere should be below 3300K.

2. It is best to use lamps of the same brand and batch in the same space to reduce the impact of color temperature differences and color tolerances.

3. It is extremely difficult to mix and match color temperatures. Do not use two color temperatures in the same space without very clever design techniques.