What should you pay attention to when making cabinet light strips?

December 22, 2023

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What should you pay attention to when making cabinet light strips?


Have you ever had this experience: You want to find something in the cabinet, and you turn on the room light, but the cabinet is still dark and you can’t see. Use your mobile phone to light it up, but it’s hard to find it with one hand, which is very frustrating. If you have such trouble, it’s because you didn’t install a light strip in the cabinet!


What is the function of cabinet lights?


1. Lighting effect


After installing the light strip, there are basically no dark corners in the cabinet, making it very convenient to find things, especially small items and clothes. Moreover, when you go home at night, you can use the lighting effect of the light strip to put your shoes away without turning on the living room lights and disturbing your family's rest, which is also very convenient.


2. Decorative effect


The light strip itself has a very good appearance. If it is installed in a cabinet, once the light from the light strip is displayed, the atmosphere of the cabinet will be instantly improved by several levels. When we look at many excellent design case works, we can find that many cabinets are decorated with light strips.


Where is suitable to install light strips?


1. Shoe cabinet


The light in the entrance area is generally not good. Install a sensor light here, which will light up as soon as you approach it. There is no need to turn on the living room lights in the dark first. This kind of design is very user-friendly.


2.Under the cabinet


When cooking, you may block the light, making the inside of the cabinet dark and invisible. If you install a light strip here, the light inside the cabinet will be sufficient.


3.Mirror cabinet


Installing light strips on the mirror cabinet or the edge of the mirror can be beautiful and increase the light, especially for women who like to put on makeup. Only when there is enough light can they make their makeup look delicate enough. Moreover, if there is enough light in the mirror, it will be easier to look in the mirror. Beautiful!


4. Wardrobe


Wardrobes really need light strips, especially girls’ wardrobes. The wardrobe is big and there are a lot of clothes, so the light in the closet is definitely not good. Having a light strip makes it easier to find clothes.


5. Display cabinet


The light strips at the display cabinets are purely for decoration. With the decoration of the light strips, the display cabinets will have an aura of aura, like a sparkling treasure.


How to light better?


Both traditional top lighting and back lighting may cause shadows, which affects finding things. The lights can be installed on both sides, and the light will be softer and not dazzling.


What should I pay attention to when installing light strips?


1. It is worth noting that the better-looking the light strip is, the larger the transformer is. If the installation position is not properly handled, it will look ugly. It is recommended to reserve space for customized cabinets and directly embed them into the cabinet, which is beautiful and elegant. If there is no reservation, it is recommended that the transformer should be fixed in the cabinet and the light strip wire should be shrunk as much as possible so as not to appear cluttered.


2. Selection of opening position

The opening position should be as close as possible to the installation place of the light strip, so that the minimum number of wires can be left inside the cabinet and the wires can be hidden to the maximum extent.