• Long-lasting 50000 Hours Life Span LED Strip Module with 40pcs/ctn Packing Size
Long-lasting 50000 Hours Life Span LED Strip Module with 40pcs/ctn Packing Size

Long-lasting 50000 Hours Life Span LED Strip Module with 40pcs/ctn Packing Size

Product Details:

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Detail Information

Life Span: 50000 Hours Leds Per Metre: 528
Light Source: LED Warranty: 2 Years
Lamp Power: 10W/15W/16W Width: 4MM / 8MM / 10MM
Wire Material: Copper Luminous Flux: 1000Lm/M

Product Description

Product Description:

COB LED Strip - High Quality and Energy Efficient Lighting Solution

COB LED Strip is a revolutionary lighting product that combines the advanced technology of COB (Chip On Board) LED and the convenience of LED Strip Ribbon Array. This innovative product is designed to provide high quality and energy efficient lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
  • Luminous Flux: 1000Lm/M
  • Light Source: LED
  • Pcb Color: White/Black
What is COB LED Strip?

COB LED Strip is a cutting-edge lighting product that utilizes the technology of COB LED to provide a powerful and energy efficient lighting solution. COB LED, or Chip On Board LED, is a type of LED technology where multiple LED chips are mounted directly onto a circuit board, creating a highly compact and efficient light source.

Why Choose COB LED Strip?

COB LED Strip offers numerous benefits compared to traditional LED Strip Lights:

  • High Quality: COB LED technology provides a higher lumen output and better color rendering compared to traditional LED strip lights.
  • Energy Efficient: COB LED Strip consumes less energy while producing a brighter and more intense light, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution.
  • Durable: The compact design of COB LED Strip makes it more resistant to damage and wear, ensuring a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

COB LED Strip is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Display Lighting
  • Signage Lighting
  • And more!

In conclusion, COB LED Strip is a game-changing lighting product that offers high quality, energy efficiency, and durability. With its advanced technology and versatile applications, it is the perfect lighting solution for any project. Invest in COB LED Strip and experience the future of lighting today!


  • Product Name: COB LED Strip
  • Led Qty: 320/480/ 504/ 528
  • Cuttable Length: Every 3 LEDs
  • Efficiency: 100LM/W
  • Luminous Flux: 1000Lm/M
  • Lamp Power: 10W/15W/16W
  • COB Ribbon Lights
  • LED Strip Ribbon Array
  • COB Light Strip
  • LED Light Strips

Technical Parameters:

COB Light Strip LED Strip Light
COB LED Strip Specifications
Life Span 50000 Hours
Working Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Warranty 2 Years
Width 4MM / 8MM / 10MM
Leds Per Metre 528
Luminous Flux 1000Lm/M
Cuttable Length Every 3 LEDs
Lamp Power 10W/15W/16W
Packing Size 40pcs/ctn, 48*23*25cm
Led Qty 320/480/504/528


COB LED Strip - Your Ultimate Lighting Solution

Are you looking for a versatile and efficient lighting solution for your home, office, or commercial space? Look no further! COB LED Strip is here to meet all your lighting needs. With its powerful LED technology and innovative design, COB LED Strip is the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor lighting application.

Product Attributes
  • Lamp Power: 10W/15W/16W
  • Cuttable Length: Every 3 LEDs
  • Working Temperature: -20℃~+50℃
  • Led Qty: 320/480/504/528
  • Light Source: LED
Applications and Scenarios

COB LED Strip is a versatile lighting product that can be used in various applications and scenarios. Some of the common applications and scenarios where COB LED Strip can be used are:

Indoor Lighting

COB LED Strip can be used for indoor lighting in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. It can be installed under cabinets, inside closets, or behind TVs for a subtle and ambient lighting effect. The cuttable length feature allows for easy customization and installation in any indoor space.

Outdoor Lighting

COB LED Strip is also suitable for outdoor lighting applications. Its durable and weather-resistant design makes it ideal for use in gardens, patios, and balconies. It can be used to highlight architectural features, create ambiance, or provide task lighting for outdoor activities.

Event Lighting

COB LED Strip is a popular choice for event lighting due to its flexibility and versatility. It can be used to create stunning lighting effects for weddings, parties, concerts, and other special occasions. Its dimmable feature allows for easy control of the lighting intensity, creating the perfect atmosphere for any event.

Artistic Lighting

COB LED Strip is not just a source of light, but also a form of art. Its flexible and bendable design allows for creative lighting installations, such as shaping it into letters, symbols, and patterns. It can be used in art galleries, exhibitions, and other artistic spaces to add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to the lighting design.

Commercial Lighting

COB LED Strip is a cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solution for commercial spaces. It can be used in retail stores, restaurants, and hotels to highlight products, create ambiance, and reduce energy costs. The high number of LEDs per meter ensures bright and consistent lighting, making it the perfect choice for commercial applications.


In conclusion, COB LED Strip is a highly versatile and efficient lighting solution that can be used in a variety of applications and scenarios. Its powerful LED technology, cuttable length feature, and durable design make it the perfect choice for all your lighting needs. So why wait? Get your COB LED Strip today and experience the ultimate lighting solution!


COB LED Strip Customization Service

At COB Flexible Strip, we offer a wide range of customization options for our COB LED Strip. Our LED Strip Module is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements, providing you with the highest quality lighting solution.

Product Attributes:
  • Pcb Color: White/Black
  • Wire Material: Copper
  • Efficiency: 100LM/W
  • Leds Per Metre: 528
  • Luminous Flux: 1000Lm/M
Key Features:
  • COB LED Tape: Our COB LED Strip features Chip on Board (COB) technology, providing a compact and powerful light source with high color accuracy.
  • Flexible Strip: The flexible design of our LED Strip Module allows for easy installation and customization, making it perfect for various lighting applications.
  • Customizable Length: We offer a range of options for the length of our COB LED Strip, allowing you to choose the perfect length for your specific project.
Customization Options:
  • Pcb Color: Choose between white or black for the color of the printed circuit board.
  • Wire Material: Select from copper or other materials for the wiring of the LED Strip.
  • Luminous Flux: Customize the brightness of your LED Strip by choosing from a range of luminous flux options.
  • Leds Per Metre: Choose the number of LEDs per metre to achieve your desired level of illumination.
  • Length: Our COB LED Strip can be customized to your desired length, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

With our COB LED Strip Customization Service, you can create a lighting solution that meets your exact needs and specifications. Contact us today to learn more!

Support and Services:

COB LED Strip Technical Support and Service

Thank you for choosing our COB LED Strip. We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Please read the following information for technical support and service options.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of your COB LED Strip. You can reach our team by:

  • Phone: +1 (555) 555-5555
  • Email: support@cobledstrip.com
  • Online chat: Visit our website and click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner

Our support team is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (EST). We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.


All of our COB LED Strips come with a 1-year limited warranty. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. If you encounter any issues with your product, please contact our technical support team for assistance.

Returns and Refunds

If you are not satisfied with your COB LED Strip, we offer a 30-day return policy. The product must be in its original packaging and in unused condition. Please contact our customer service team for return instructions.

Customization Services

We also offer customization services for our COB LED Strips. If you have specific requirements for your project, please contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

Thank you again for choosing our COB LED Strip. We value your satisfaction and are dedicated to providing the best technical support and service.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Our COB LED Strip is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure safe and secure delivery to our customers.

  • The COB LED Strip is wrapped in protective foam and placed in a sturdy cardboard box.
  • The box is then sealed with tape and labeled with product information and handling instructions.

We offer various shipping options to our customers, including:

  • Standard shipping: 3-5 business days
  • Expedited shipping: 1-2 business days
  • International shipping: delivery times may vary

All orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Customers will receive a tracking number via email once their order has been shipped.

For international orders, customers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes that may apply.

If there are any issues with your order or if your package arrives damaged, please contact our customer service team immediately for assistance.


  • Q: What is COB LED Strip?
  • A: COB LED Strip is a type of flexible LED strip light that is assembled with Chip-on-Board (COB) LED technology. It allows for a more uniform and bright light output compared to traditional LED strips.
  • Q: What are the advantages of COB LED Strip?
  • A: COB LED Strip offers a higher lumen output, better heat dissipation, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional LED strips.
  • Q: Can COB LED Strip be cut or bent?
  • A: Yes, COB LED Strip can be cut and bent to fit different installation needs. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper functioning.
  • Q: What is the color temperature range of COB LED Strip?
  • A: COB LED Strip is available in a range of color temperatures, typically from 2700K to 6500K, allowing for different lighting effects to be achieved.
  • Q: Is COB LED Strip waterproof?
  • A: It depends on the specific product. Some COB LED Strips are designed to be waterproof, while others are not. It is important to check the product specifications before use.

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